MADRID, 2009Javier Vercher Quartet Cafe Central

with Andra Pozza, Edward Perez and Francisco Mela + Javier Vercher

MADRID, 2009Javier Vercher + Lionel Loueke Trio

with Lionel Loueke, Massimo Biolcatti and Ferenc Nemeth + Javier Vercher

Secadero GRANADA, 2004Javier Vercher 4et feat. L.Loueke

with Lionel Loueke, Chris Van Vorst Van Best and Brannen Temple


Javier Vercher a casa seva GREENPOINT_BROOKLYN

Random past 2005-2008: Javier Vercher

Javier Vercher_2007_Photo by Malcolm Burn

Cafe Central MADRID, 2004 –  The Javier Vercher 4et

with Chris Higgins, Brannen Temple, Albert Sanz  and our promoter back then Chema de Mera


Brannen Temple_Javier Vercher_photo_by_Andy Morgan

Spain Tour 2003 – Introducing The Javier Vercher Trio

with Chris Higgins, Brannen Temple and our promoter back then Chema de Mera


Un pensamiento en “9. OLD MEMORIES”


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Tenor saxophonist Javier Vercher left the epicenter of jazz a couple of years ago, disembarking from NYC to resettle into Valencia, Spain, where he grew up. The time away from the hustle and bustle gave him the space to get more focused on his music and other aspects of his life.

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